VAPE PEN & OIL CARTRIDGES. Our cartridges will fit any standard 510 or eGo threaded e-cigarette such as the, G-Pen, eGo-C, eGo-T, eGo Twist, Medistick, Trippy Stick, 710 Pen, Eureka Vape, Alpine vapor, Gentleman’s brand and others.

Each strain-specific Vapura cartridge expresses the distinctive cannabinoid and aromatic signature of the plant, extracted in the cleanest way possible. Vapura’s unique supercritical CO2 extraction process avoides using any solvents or high heat, thus preserving the terpenes that give each strain-specific small batch its unique fragrance and delicious taste. Vapura cannabis flower oil is truly pure and raw, with the plant’s natural terpene profile preserved.

Each cartridge contains 700mg of Honey Oil (Hash Oil) with a variety of strain options. Contains 100% pure cannabis flower essence. Fits 510 threaded pends320.00

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etty Extracts’ premium cannabis oil is now in convenient PAX Era Pod form! Enjoy complex all-natural cannabis terpene profiles in a variety of potencies, all contained within the vape cartridge you know and love. Choose between classic strains and innovative cannabinoid blends, or try them all to experience the wealth of benefits that Jetty has to offer.

 VAPE PEN & OIL CARTRIDGES Jetty Extracts combines care with craft by sourcing the best materials and implementing superior extraction methods that bring you some of the most consistent cannabis oils in potency, purity, and flavor. Jetty uses cryo-distillation to extract and reintroduce terpenes to their cannabis oils, ensuring naturally flavorful hits.

Jetty Extracts PAX Era Pods are available in the following formulas:

Maui Wowie (Sativa)
Average Potency: 78% THC, 0.2% CBD
A well-loved sativa strain known to energize and focus the mind, Maui Wowie provides the perfect daytime high that won’t adversely effect your productivity. It tends to benefit those suffering from physical pain, anxiety, and appetite loss. As the name suggests, Maui Wowie is an explosion of sweet, tropical citrus flavors with a hint of pineapple.

Reckless Rainbow (Hybrid)
Average Potency: 77% THC, 0.3% CBD
Reckless Rainbow, the child of Trainwreck and a mystery hybrid strain, produces a calming and euphoric high known to stimulate creativity, relax the body, and relieve chronic pain. A sweet and spicy pine flavor profile accompanies these powerful therapeutic effects for a truly special experience.

Granddaddy Purps (Indica)
Average Potency: 85% THC, 0% CBD
Granddaddy Purps, also known as GDP, is one of the more popular strains for good reason. This classic indica strain gradually sedates and relaxes the body, commonly inducing “couch lock.” GDP is known to address symptoms of insomnia and physical pain to nausea and stress, with a sweet flavor profile of berries and grapes.

ZKittlez (Indica)
Average Potency: 78% THC, 0.15% CBD
Zkittlez has taken the cannabis world by storm with its sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavors. This indica cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit is surprisingly uplifting while it helps you unwind with enduring relaxation and mental clarity. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, and appetite loss might find this strain especially helpful.

Cannatonic (2:1 CBD)
Average Potency: 24.4% THC, 51.5% CBD
Cannatonic was born in an attempt to create a high-CBD strain by breeding MK Ultra and G13 Haze. The results were even better than expected, with some phenotypes reaching much higher CBD to THC ratios. Jetty’s Cannatonic uplifts, focuses, and relaxes the mind while a warm sensation spreads throughout the body. With a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, this Cannatonic may help relieve chronic inflammation and pain, while the earthy scent of citrus and wood create a relaxing aromatic atmosphere.

∆8 – Delta 8 (Sativa-Hybrid)
Average Potency: 75% ∆8, 7.3% ∆9/THC, 0% CBD
Delta-8 (∆8) is the result of a complex cannabinoid conversion process that rearranges the molecules of ∆9 THC to create a uniquely beneficial super-cannabinoid. Delta-8 THC is prized for its antiemetic properties known to alleviate nausea and vomiting. It is also an anxiolytic, which means it can reduce anxiety and stimulate appetite, while its analgesic (pain-relieving) properties are legendary as well. Delta-8 is also less psychoactive than ∆9, so you can prioritize healing over high.


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