Pure haze strain  Strain Highlights  that originated from the breeder Mr. Nice Seed Bank. With a large “critical mass” of production, branches tend to snap from the weight of these dense buds. Flowering time is approximately 6-8 weeks, with a heavy leaf to flower ratio. However, due to the large production of flowering, this strain is susceptible to mold which can be reduced by growing indoors to reduce humidity. THC levels of this strain may reach 19-22%.

Definitely good stuff. I have pretty bad migraines, and I have anxiety attacks, I was always looking for something to help with that, and if this is you, this is your strain. Very reassuring, and just all around a very homey smoke.

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Purple Haze is a lovely sativa-dominant hybrid that produces a persuasive and long-lasting stone.

In the field of medical marijuana, Purple Haze is a top seller for a scorecard of reasons beginning with the plant’s aesthetics.

This purple powerhouse dazzles us with its eye-popping, rich lavender hues that begin releasing feel-good endorphins through visual stimulation before ever lighting up.

Once lit, this beauty possesses every element of taste, flavor, and pure euphoria smokers of any level will appreciate. It is highly desired for its upbeat, almost trippy high, as well as its sedative and pain-relieving properties.

It produces a mild body high that doesn’t mummify you. It is excellent for reducing stress, and can reduce anxiety and depression. It can also help stimulate the appetite in patients not feeling well enough to eat, and it can be a godsend for those enduring chemotherapy as it can reduce nausea.



Pure haze strain

This is a heirloom line of Pure haze strain  originating in the Californian region in the late 60’s to early 70’s. The line of seeds maintained pure for many years. BCB used all available plants from this first generation, this was two males onto eight females in order to maximise the variety within the line.

The variety within the line has been maintained with original creeper, Purple, Green and other phenotype expressions present during our test grows in 2006.

Due to the variety within the line, we believe this line to offer amazing breeding potential.


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