Brass Knuckles’ Tangie cartridge has a refreshing tangerine aroma that offers a happy euphoric buzz thats leads into a calm full body relaxation. The genetics on this strain are a cross of California Orange and a Skunk hybrid. It’s citrus heritage is the most evident in the sweet flavors of orange and tangerine that results in a long-lasting eccentric relaxation.

Brass knuckle cartriges  are rapidly growing more popular with new cannabis consumers, and it’s not difficult to fathom why: They are portable, discreet and usually less pungent than flower. During the first four months of 2018, Californians purchased $165 million worth of vape carts, Coloradans shelled out $62.4 million for them and Oregonians spent $31 million, according to data from BDS Analytics, making cartridges the top-selling product in all three states. Given the hype, let’s examine both cartridges and their contents, as there is a wide range of quality on the market.


While there might be exceptions, cartridges (the vessels holding the cannabis extracts) can largely be categorized as high or low quality.

Typically, low-quality Brass knuckle cartriges:

  • are made of plastic (terpenes can penetrate plastic, and plastic can potentially leach chemicals from the oil),
  • have poor-quality or ill-fitting O-rings that leak; and
  • have pre-moistened wicks primed with glycerin or propylene glycol that can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Low-quality cartridges will have a higher customer return rate (if a return policy exists) and will drive away customers who become frustrated with the lackluster experience.

High-quality Brass knuckle cartriges typically:

  • are made of premium materials, such as glass, metal and ceramic;
  • have properly-sized O-rings; and
  • have sealed joints that prevent contact between the air and cartridge contents.

Choose your cartridges wisely and always examine the cartridge’s quality. A low-cost cartridge is not necessarily better for your business, and it alerts the customer that the contents might be poor-quality, too.



Pre filled wax cartridges near me ,will have you extremely energetic and bouncing off the walls (hence the name childishly comparing it to crack). Great for people suffering from depression or anxiety as it is thought to make you more confident and active. Green Crack tends to be go-to medication for those people who like to medicate all day without having to reach for the bowl every few minutes. Also considered great before a long night out, as it’ll leave you focused and aware of your surroundings.Pre filled wax cartridges near me


Best for: Stress – Depression – Pain
Top effects: Happy – Uplifted – Creative

If you have an e-pen, then this cartridge will most likely fit it.  It is a generic cartridge that has been designed to work in most e-pen vaporizers.  This is THC in its most pure form and it allows you to really enjoy the benefits and healing powers of this strain of marijuana without having to smoke all the other stuff.  It’s CO2 extracted and provides around 70 to 80 % THC content.

If you don’t have an E-Pen, you can still enjoy the benefits of this product by applying it to the bud before you use it in order to enhance the THC content

You can order your Brass knuckel cartriges  herePre filled wax cartridges near me


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